The Best Tips on How to Write a 5-Page Research Paper

Every student, sooner or later, has to write research paper. If you have been assigned to conduct research and craft a paper that will contain your findings, you have come to the right place! Here, we are going to have a closer look at the rules you should meet when structuring your academic paper.

If the most extended piece of writing you have ever completed is a 1-page essay, then you may find it difficult to compose a paper of 5 pages. However, nothing is impossible if you know the basics of structuring a five-page research paper. Have no idea how to organize your thoughts? Check the simple but very effective recommendations for writing a 5-page research paper quickly.

How Many Sources for a 5-Page Research Paper Do You Need?

If you ask your teacher what the preferable number of sources for a research paper is, he/she is likely to answer that 3-5 will be sufficient. Usually, there are no requirements to include a certain number of information sources. However, every student should understand that using only one source isn’t a good idea. A paper based on one source only can’t be called research.

You are supposed to search for different opinions, findings of other people, compare the results, etc. Now you may think that the more sources you use, the better. Not actually! If you use over 10 sources, your paper will be full of various points of view and will remind of some chaos. Bear in mind that the optimal number of sources is up to 5. Choose the most worthy 3-5 sources, conduct a thoughtful analysis, and use those pieces of information that can add value to your research.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 5-Page Research Paper?

There is no definite answer to this question as the productivity of your work depends on three important factors. Do you wonder what they are? The first factor that influences the time spent on paper writing is the writer’s experience and skills. If you have done such kind of work for several times already, you are going to craft a paper much faster compared to the student who has never written research projects before. The next thing that should be taken into account is the complexity of the chosen topic.

If you want to save time preparing a good a research paper, give preference to those topics you are either familiar with or feel passionate about. Otherwise, the process of crafting a paper you find boring and uninteresting may become a real disaster for you. And finally, there is one more factor that matters. That is the availability of the reliable sources of information. If you have chosen a topic that hasn’t been researched well, you may face a problem because you won’t be able to find a lot of publications. Take this into account when picking the topic.

How to Write a 5-page Research Paper Outline?

Some scholars think that writing a plan is a waste of time as nobody will check it. It is a misconception! A well-written five-page research paper outline is the best way to start your paper. You will have a clear picture of how the final variant of your paper should look like. Have a look at the correct structure of a research paper and stick to it if you want to organize your thoughts the right way.

  • Introduction: Introduce the main idea of your research paper. Provide the scientific novelty and explain why you consider the chosen topic actual;
  • Main Body: Reveal the issue by providing different findings of famous scientists. Include the thorough analysis of each of them. Depending on your paper’s topic, you can add an experimental part to your theoretical paragraphs of the main body;
  • Conclusion: Give an evaluation of the work done. Answer the question whether you have reached the goal set in the very beginning. Highlight the specifics of your paper and its significance for other generations.

Check the sample outline on the topic “Thermoelectric Effect Phenomenon,” which you can use for your own research:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Definition of Thermoelectric Effects
  3. -The History of Discovery
    • -Thermoelectric Peltier Effect
    • -Thermoelectric Thomson Effect
    • -Thermoelectric Seebeck Effect
    • -The Application of Thermoelectric Effects
  4. Experiments
  5. Conclusion
  6. References
  7. Application

Killer 5-Page Research Paper Topics

  1. Should universities accept athletes with low grades?
  2. How to fight against gender discrimination in the workplace?
  3. Which three major sciences should every student learn?
  4. How to protect the country from the enemy invasion?
  5. Should every man be allowed to have some weapon for his family protection?
  6. How should parents encourage their children to study well?
  7. Is it a good method to use gifts as a method of manipulation?
  8. Can robots substitute people in many spheres of life?
  9. Which innovations can a modern person benefit from most of all?
  10. Should men and women have equal opportunities?
  11. Can bitcoin become the most popular and major currency?
  12. Will people do only online shopping in the future?
  13. Can progress have the disastrous consequences?
  14. The nature of earthquakes and methods of their prevention
  15. The possible harmful impacts of the Global Warming?
  16. Are diuretics safe or not if taking them for weight loss?
  17. Should children have idols among celebrities?
  18. Should all schools hold lectures on sexual behavior?
  19. Should the government ban the production of cigarettes?
  20. What will happen if to drink energy drinks every day within 1 year?

Follow these instructions attentively and use one of our topics to create the best research paper!

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