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JCiara is a student at the faculty of Linguistics at the University of North Carolina. She is fluent in 3 languages — English, Italian, and French and gladly writes papers in these subjects. Ciara thinks that combining studies and work is unavoidable for every student nowadays, that's why she has been working for the academic writing service since the beginning of studying at the university, which is 3 years at the current moment.


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Mary is getting a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree at the Monterey College of Law. She has been studying law for over five years now and pursues a career in the field. Mary always had several part-time jobs to be able to pay the tuition, and one and a half years ago, she started working as an academic writer at

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When you apply for a university and for your desired degree program, you need a good personal statement to impress the admission board. A personal statement is a more in depth document that proves that you are fit for the department. The personal statement highlights your skills as well as your capabilities. With your personal statement, you get to explain more about your hopes and dreams and your endeavors, as well as how you are as a person, your traits and interests, your morals and your values. With your personal statement, you do more than just presenting your achievements and characteristics. With a personal statement, you get to speak with your own voice.

Your personal statement is very important in the admission process. A lot of schools these days value personality more than just skills. Skills can be learned but personality is difficult to develop. With your personal statement, your aim to describe yourself briefly and concisely. You have to convince the admission board that you are worthy of a slot in one of their programs and in their college or university, that you are a person of great potential and that they can hone you to become someone great someday, Your personal statement is more than just writing things about yourself the way you do in a slambook. Your personal statement must be impressive and make a great impact because it could be the key to your future. Even if you have great potential and have achieved a lot as a student, even if you get higher than average grades, and are the president of several clubs, if you screw up with your personal statement, you might jeopardize your acceptance to your desired school and program. Writing a personal statement is definitely something that must be done with extra precaution and must be paid a lot of attention to. It is not like one of those English essays you can cram for thirty minutes and submit to your teacher without rechecking.

Writing a personal statement can be anxiety inducing. This is the ticket to your dreams that we are talking about here. It has to be well-structured and with personality. With all the things that you are faced with right now, you may not have enough time to do write your personal essay. Or you may not be in the best condition to do it. And we want to help you. We want you to get into the program you want in the school you have been dreaming of attending ever since. With our services, your chances of being accepted into your dream school is increased. We can create an engaging essay for you that can wow the admission board.

If you are unsure how to write a great personal statement, we have professionals who can help you out. They can give you great advice on how to write your essay yourself, what to include and what to omit, and how to give it spice. They can also edit your essay for you. And if you're feeling extra lazy, they may even do it entirely for you. All you have to do is give us information about your skills, interests, and all that jazz and we can do it.