Privacy Policy

You might like to read this page to learn more about how we handle the client’s private information.

Personal Details

Processing of any order at our site will require you to provide us with your contact details and payment information.
This kind of details are used only in the event of issues related to the order, and its absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.
We by no means sell or provide access to the client data for any purposes. We can use your email address for order-related communication only.
Contact numbers are needed to be able to contact the client in certain emergency situations such as instruction clarifications, corrupted files, and other cases of this kind.

Information about the visitor

Users who go to our website give certain data about the version of their operating system and web browser.
Our company collects and studies that data to reach a better quality level when it comes to the site’s content and user-friendliness. We keep all that information confidential and in no way sell to any third-party organizations for any purposes.

Web Cookies

By using the cookies collected during your visit, we’ve got the possibility of conducting marketing analysis through the help of Google Analytics.
Web cookies display details of the user’s Internet browser activity but don’t comprise any private information.
We give that data to Google and receive analytical results in the form of activity reports.

External Web-sites Links

You will find a few links to the sites of other external resources on our website, but we aren’t responsible for any information provided there.
We improve the privacy policy regularly to ensure it matches the demands of the user.
You are more than welcome to read through the latest changes to keep yourself in the loop.