Research proposal writing

The research proposal is a piece of writing aimed at presenting the necessity to research a particular problem. One of your goals is to show the way of conducting this research. You have to convince the readers of your research proposal that your study is really important and your project will be successful. Actually, this type of paper is similar to the regular research study. The difference is the huge amount of data which enables readers to understand and value the relevance of your research. Also, conducted research has such elements as conclusions of the research and your standpoint. But both of them still have to be clear and persuasive. So, you have to be ready for everything to succeed in writing this task.

Writing a research proposal

The design of the research proposal paper is regulated by some rules within the subject in which the main topic is. Demands on it are quite strict and defined; therefore you certainly have to follow them. Your professor, in fact, can give you the assignment of writing a research proposal for several causes:

  • train your skill in analyzing and processing the data
  • develop your writing skills and logical thinking
  • check the use of different methods for collecting and processing information
  • test you as an active participant of research conducting

First of all, you have to provide some essential information like what your aim is, what encouraged you and in what ways of researching you find suitable.

Your research proposal can have from 10 to 25 pages. But you have to read your assignment very carefully to clearly understand all the requirements. If there is something you dont know how to do, ask your professor to avoid misunderstandings and silly mistakes. Your paper has to show your enthusiasm and profound knowledge of particular question to impress your readers.

Sections of research proposal

The research proposal template consists of 7 sections.

  • Introduction

Here you have to state the core problem of the research and get the readers hooked.

  • Background

You can include this section in the introduction or create the new one and write your proposal in detail.

  • Literature review

Tell about your particular problem in a global context. Compare your methods and methods of others scholars. Review the literature, point which arguments are the most convincing.

  • Research design and methods

Here, you have to persuade readers that it what you are doing is actually relevant, because, at this point, you havent conducted the research yet.

  • Implication

Here you have to analyze all possible outcomes of the study, show how your project might affect certain parts of your subject. This section has the most theoretical significance.

  • Conclusion

It is a brief generalization of the study. You have to tell why this research would be really valuable.

  • Citations

In this part, indicate all the resources and materials you have used.

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