Annotated Bibliography Cover Page: Make it Properly

When you make various papers like reports, articles, or researches, you may be required to create an annotated bibliography. In this guide, we will review the main features of this paper and also explain how to make a cover page. In general, the annotated bibliography lists all sources you used for writing a research paper. It also describes each source to show their relevance.

The cover page shows how well you understand the main goal of your writing, and how well you understand your topic. Needless to say, it should be created according to certain rules. Before you start your work, you need to understand do you need a cover page for an annotated bibliography. In fact, this document can be just an independent paper or a part of the biggest project.

We suggest reading your professor’s requirements carefully and find out how he or she requires to create this document. Keep in mind the annotated bibliography cover page must be written according to the instructor’s demands, so you should follow our detailed guide to create and format it correctly.

Let’s define the main purposes of the annotated bibliography:
  • This paper reviews various sources on a particular topic;
  • The bibliography shows the depth of your writing;
  • It helps your audience to discover useful facts about a chosen topic;
  • With this paper, the writer organizes all sources properly for any research in the future;
  • The reader gets a full number of sources (including various magazines, books, websites, articles, newspapers, etc.) for a chosen topic.

As we already said before, your cover page must be well-formatted according to the main requirements. Follow our simple but effective hints and format your work correctly without problems. At the start, you should define if your future document is an independent page or it is a part of the bigger paper. Keep reading our article and select a proper style for formatting from three types.

Instruction for an APA Annotated Bibliography Cover Page

When creating a paper in APA style, you have to follow the requirements on formatting provided by the teacher. But you may use these several rules to make a successful document:

  • The title, writer’s name, and the name of the university should – don’t forget to mention these points;
  • The running head – the upper left corner; centered title (upper part of the page);
  • APA suggests using 1” margins for this paper;
  • Type everything in Times New Roman font (size 12).

Be attentive to your instructor’s demands to figure out if there are more things to fulfill in order to prepare a refined paper.

Instruction for MLA Annotated Bibliography Cover Page

This style of formatting doesn’t require making a separate cover page, but if you want to make your work look professional, please follow the next rules:

  • The very first page of your document can be formatted as a cover page;
  • Mention both yours and your instructor’s full names, course, and write down the date when the paper was done;
  • Please follow the main standards of capitalization when inserting the title for the annotated bibliography MLA cover page;
  • Center all words and make this document double-spaced;
  • The header should be placed in the upper right corner (mention your full name and number of the page).

Don’t forget to read all additional instructions of the teacher to be certain that you fulfilled all demands.

Instruction for Harvard Formatting Annotated Bibliography Cover Page

Like the two styles we have listed before, Harvard formatting also has its own features you should follow:

  • Type your title in CAPS only and place it in the upper part of the page;
  • Skip a couple of lines down and write the author’s full name;
  • Write the course’s name and teacher’s full name one line below;
  • Include the university’s name with a location, and also include the date of creating a document;
  • Your header must contain the information about the main title of your paper and page number (right upper corner).

Help in Making a Cover Page for an Annotated Bibliography

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