Main Parts of an Annotated Bibliography: Structure Features

Students have to practice various tasks. Many of them are executed in the written form. Everyone knows about a great variety of essays and such papers as dissertations, term papers, case studies, etc. Nonetheless, some may not know or forget about annotated bibliography. It is practiced and needed for several important reasons.

An annotated bibliography is a list of certain studied sources, which were used as a part of the whole research. Almost any assignment type must be supported by the evidence. It is taken out of the works of other authors. Thus, an annotated bibliography studies one of these sources. At times, this kind of research is called references or cited works. Oftentimes, it contains the general information – the author, title, publisher and other essentials.

Many folks wonder why somebody should write this assignment. Firstly, it helps to understand your topic, the evidence you use to disclose your topic reveals your way of thinking. Secondly, it serves for other authors. Annotated bibliographies are the collaborations of different writers who may not even know each other. Nevertheless, they serve the same purpose. They widen the horizons and clarify various things.

Before developing and discovering some functions of this assignment, you should know its main parts. Thus, it’ll become much easier to compose this important task. The main components of an annotated bibliography are as follows:

  • A citation of the studied article, chapter or other work;
  • Evaluation of the author’s contribution;
  • Mentioning the methods used in the work;
  • The revision of the arguments and/or findings;
  • The general evaluation of the work, its importance, effect of arguments, etc.;
  • The way the studied work contributed to your own research.

What Are the Parts of an Annotated Bibliography?

Now, let’s review the components of an annotated bibliography in some more details. At first, you should provide a citation of the work. It shows the readers what you are going to disclose. Afterward, you should mention how the author contributed to the question he/she was disclosing. The next step is to tell about the methods, which were used by the studied author. It should be done in one or two sentences. Simply try to underline them and show their significance.

Your next move is very important. That is when you start to reveal the main contribution of the author and his work in general. You should give a brief review of his major argument(s) or findings. Afterward, you are to analyze them. An annotation is either an evaluation or a summarization of a certain work (book, journal, manual, etc.). A lot depends on the project. Thus, you are expected to summarize, assess, and reflect.

If you summarize the source, discuss its major arguments. Show the viewpoint, all themes that were involved in the research, and express your own opinion concerning those facts. The length of your summary depends on how many quality details you introduce.

Possibly, you’ll prefer to evaluate the work. Tell whether it was useful, how it worked with other informative sources in your references and affected your own thesis. Perhaps, it has fundamentally changed the course of your project and thoughts. Afterward, show how this work fitted in your project. That is a reflection part.

Finally, you should draw the defining line. Reveal the outcomes in summary. Tell how this work shaped your mind. Mention its main aspects and how they contributed to your own research.

Try to memorize these 6 vital parts of an annotated bibliography. It’s not that difficult. They’ll help to compose really effective and competitive annotated bibliographies.

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