APA Format for Dummies with Tips and Guidelines

APA format is used for creating professional documents as thesis proposal. Students need to learn how to write academic papers using APA to deliver decent assignments and get high grades. There are several formatting styles, but APA is one of the easiest and widely used at universities.

In this article, you will be able to review examples of the title page, headers, and citations in APA. Tips from experts will help you to remember simple rules. APA writing format for Dummies will be useful for you in creating outstanding papers with the least efforts.

If you are reading this article, you probably have no idea about this style. We will give you the clearest and easiest guidelines. All you need to do is to open your document and format your writing following the tips. Your ideal academic paper will be ready within 2 hours maximum!

APA for Dummies Outline Structure and Expert Tips

An outline is an important part of any paper that allows readers to understand what they will find out in your paper and in what order. By creating an outline, you will write research paper. Review effective tips on creating APA format for dummies outline:

  • An outline is the structure of your paper; therefore, it has to provide information in a logical order.
  • The structure of your assignment should sound smooth. Read it out loud and edit it until it makes sense to people who have no idea what your paper is about.
  • If you start a heading with a verb, it is recommended to start all subheading with verbs.
  • All headings should carry important information, and all subheading should discuss the ideas in headings. Provide general information in a heading and discuss information in details in a subheading underneath.

How to Write in APA Style for Dummies

APA for dummies guidelines offers simple rules that are clear to students who have never created papers in any formats. At first, APA rules may sound difficult but this is one of the easiest styles, and it will take you just some practice to format your papers.

Formatting on a computer does not require you to be an advanced user. Review the examples of a title page, headers, and citations in the text. If you find the following tips complicated, you can simply download the APA essay and copy its structure.

Title Page and Headers in APA Examples

Add “Running head:” then write the theme of your homework. The subject has to be written CAPS.


The heading should be placed after the title. The general requirement for the heading is 50 characters with pointing marks and spacing. Use a double-spaced format and set the text in the center of the page (upper half).

APA Citation for Dummies Examples

When adding citations in the text, write initials in capital letters. Text quotes must consist of surnames and publishing years:

  • (Richard, 2007);
  • Richard (2007).

If your tutor asks to indicate the pages of the book, look how to do it below:

  • (Richard, 2007, p. 82);
  • According to Richard (2007), (p.82).

If you cite 2 to 5 authors, use “&,“ or “and.”

  • (Richard & Smith, 2007) or
  • Richard and Smith (2007) argue that….
  • (Richard, Smith, & Cooper, 2007) argue that….

Add the word “et al.” when referring to more than 5 authors

  • (Richard et al., 2007) or
  • Richard et al. (2007) argue that…

Basic Formatting of a Paper in APA Style

Review the rules that should be applied to all academic papers in APA style. Following them correctly, you will provide a professional paper that deserves a high grade. Of course, not only appropriate formatting but engaging and pertinent content will make your paper an excellent one.

  • All pages of your essay or research paper should include the running head placed on the left side. Write the name of the topic without the actual words “running head.”
  • Include the page number on the right side of every header.
  • Like any paper (regardless of the type and purpose), it should contain the introduction, the main part, and conclusion. Follow such a structure but do not use the words “introduction,” “body,” and “conclusion.” All headings and subheadings are to guide the readers through your paper and ideas you uncover in it.

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