Cause And Effect Essay: Advice on Successful Paper

Writing a cause and effect essay, you need a lot of time, patience, and the ability to describe things logically. Needless to say, many students may need some help in creating this document. We have created this instruction to provide readers with maximum ideas for making this work. Keep reading our article and create a marvelous essay without problems!

When you’re making this paper, it’s quite important to discover the main goal of the work, and learn the most significant rules for its creating. We understand for some people it may be hard to write essay without help, and we have gathered all the needed hints in our detailed guide.

What Is a Cause and Effect Essay: Define the Main Goals

Let’s remember a cause and effect essay definition: this paper explains why something happened, and also analyses results. In some cases, you may receive an assignment to write a paper that analyses only causes or only effects. Writing this work requires arranging your ideas and thoughts properly to make a logical document.

The primary goal of this work is to analyze why something happened and what things caused it to happen, plus to research results and think over the reasons why it led to such things eventually. When students are preparing this paper, they need to find related things to write about. Sometimes it is not so easy to do because you have to build strong logical connections between reasons and results.

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay: Pro Hints

Use these 4 simple steps to create a marvelous paper:

  1. Pick out your reason and result. You have to provide answers to simple questions “Why did this thing happen?”, “What was the main reason?”, “What did we receive in the result?”
  2. Write a thesis statement reflecting the central goal of the entire work;
  3. Find details to support your argument and organize them using one of the next ways:
    • Chronological order — when you just put things according to time they happened;
    • Order by the importance — when you organize things from the most important to less or vice versa;
    • Categorical order — when you divide your central subject into several major categories and put things according to this organization.
  4. In your essay, you are to use pertinent transitional phrases and words to make your document logical (feel free to use words like because, first, second, the effect is, this lead to, etc.).

Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay

Needless to say, you are to organize your work properly to make it more understandable and clear for readers. There are two ways to make a good structure for this work. You can use a chain or block structure, and we will show below what they should look like.

Here is a simple scheme of a block structure:

  1. Introduction
  2. Reason 1
  3. Reason 2
  4. Reason 3
  5. Result 1
  6. Result 2
  7. Result 3
  8. Conclusion

And here is a scheme of a chain structure :

  1. Introduction
  2. Reason 1
  3. Result 1
  4. Reason 2
  5. Result 2
  6. Reason 3
  7. Result 3
  8. Concluding paragraph

What about an Outline?

In fact, there are numerous things to do to prepare a refined cause and effect essay, and the primary aim is adding logic. Writing this work is almost impossible without a detailed outline. It is a clear plan for your future writing that contains all the important info.

Having created a solid outline, it is easier to make the entire paper. A plan is guiding you like a detailed map so that you won’t forget anything important. We suggest spending your time on creating an outline for your future writing. This way, you will save your time as well as make your work more logical.

Successful Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

We would like to share with you some brilliant prompts. Use these ten topics as fresh ideas for a cause and effect essay:

  1. Why do people get divorced?
  2. What are the causes of over-controlling partners in relationships?
  3. Why is it important to do things together in family relationships?
  4. Why do people have a bad relationship?
  5. The causes of the nervous disorder among students
  6. What causes cancer to be so deadly?
  7. What is the effect of not vaccinated children?
  8. What causes the obesity among young people?
  9. What causes people to go to a doctor?
  10. What causes women to be continuously involved in bad relationships?

Cause and Effect Essay Outline Example

As we already mentioned above, it’s quite essential to have a strategy. Here is a cause and effect of bullying essay outline example:

  1. Introduction. What is bullying in colleges, schools, and universities?
  2. Examples of bullying: physical abuse, threats, etc.;
  3. Violent movies and video games as the main causes of bullying;
  4. Results of bullying: depression, distress, low self-esteem;
  5. Prevent the bullying: parent control, limited access to games and movies.

Professional Help in Making a Great Paper

We hope that our guide on making a successful and bright essay was helpful, and you have got some brilliant ideas for creating your future paper. But we also know that you may feel unsure about writing this work correctly.

Actually, making this paper is a difficult thing, so if your skills are not good enough, we suggest using help from a professional writing company. You can easily use our reliable service and make your order online in a few minutes. Our experienced team of diligent and seasoned writers will do the job for you!

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