Gender Discrimination Essay: Tips for an Outstanding Writing

Gender discrimination is one of the frequently assigned topics for essays because, despite having the long history, it is still very actual. Every student faces a need to write an essay on gender discrimination. This theme is quite specific and requires good background knowledge, attentiveness, and well-developed skills. In order to write such essay successfully, it is a must to learn the gender discrimination meaning. Let’s try to give a simple definition to this really complex term.

Under the term “gender discrimination,” people mean that a person of one sex is treated worse than a person of another sex without any reasons. In most cases, these are women who are treated in an inappropriate manner. When a teacher asks to write an essay of this kind, he/she expects a student to discuss the problem, research it carefully, and provide the well-argumentative standpoint on how to deal with the issue.

What Are the Types of Gender Discrimination?

There are several forms of gender discrimination. Before you start writing your college essay, you should learn more about all types of discrimination in order to choose the one you would like to research. The unequal attitude towards certain sex has spread into different spheres of our lives. If your teacher hasn’t specified, which type of discrimination you should write about, it is up to you to pick the topic that you feel passionate about.

It is possible to face unfair discrimination based on sexual inequality almost everywhere: sports, education, workplace. It is recommended to make your topic specific, being assigned to craft a gender discrimination paper. If you research a broad topic, you won’t be able to cover all issues as an essay paper is a short piece of writing, where you can discuss only a narrow topic. Let’s have a closer look at the specific types of discrimination for you to have a clear understanding which points you are expected to consider.

Gender Discrimination in Education

If you are going to write an essay on gender discrimination in education, you should consider all possible situations when women are treated unequally. For example, you can touch upon such situations like admissions, examinations, assignments and their evaluation, etc. You will succeed in writing this type of essay if you find as many illustrative examples as possible.

You should search for the real facts. When providing the evidence that discrimination in education exists, you draw attention to this problem once again. Your task is to offer effective methods on how to fight the issue of discrimination in the modern educational system. Share your personal experiences, if you have had such on your own or were a witness of such situations that happened to your groupmates.

Gender Discrimination in Sports

When writing about gender discrimination in sports, you are supposed to base your paper on the examples of athletes who faced this problem. Research the discrimination against women in sports and what issues haven’t been solved yet.

Provide your own standpoint on whether men and women should be allowed to do the same sports, or there should be kinds of sports that only men can do. Remember that you should include a well-researched point of view supported by arguments. Your teacher will be impressed if you spend enough time to learn the question to the full extent.

Gender Discrimination in Society

The impact of gender discrimination on society is really crucial. Many people suffer from the fact that their roles have been already identified by the society. The same behavior of men and women in the same situation may be evaluated by the society in a different way.

Since childhood, girls are taught to behave like this and not in any other way while boys are told that they can do this or that thing just because they are boys, not girls. When crafting a college essay, you need to research the situations when the society judges the actions of men and women based on their biological sex.

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

When composing a paper, you should research the history of gender discrimination in the workplace. Everyone knows that many employers give preference to men thinking that women won’t be able to cope with the same responsibilities as well as the representatives of the strong sex.

In Muslim countries, most women still don’t have a right to get the education and occupy the position they want.

Even in the European countries, there are many examples of the unfair discrimination towards women in the employment sphere. To get the same salary as men get, women must always prove that they can perform the same functions at work not worse than men. Write about the problem that exists in the workplace today providing the illustrative examples. Express your own opinion on whether employers treat their female employees and men the same way or not.

Gender Discrimination Essay Outline Example

A well-written outline is going to become a very helpful tool for writing an essay. Check the useful tips on how to structure your paper. When writing a paper about inequality based on sex, you should discuss the problem within 5-6 paragraphs:

  • Introduction: Start with some facts or statistics about discrimination around the world. Bear in mind that the beginning should be eye-catching. You can also start with a quote or a question. Your introduction should provide the reader with the clear understanding of the essay’s main idea. Choose how to start your essay keeping your audience in mind.
  • The main body: Include some historical facts, explain what has been done in order to fight against discrimination, how the situation is developing now, and which methods you can offer to solve the problem. Provide examples of those people who have become the victims of discrimination.
  • Conclusion: Provide your standpoint on the topic based on the opinions of famous people who have already researched the same topic. Summarize the main ideas discussed in the paper, and explain how useful your research can be for others.

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